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My name is Dr. Joe Rubino. Many consider me to be one of the world’s foremost Life Optimization Coaches and experts on the topic of elevating self-esteem. My best-selling books are available in 24 languages and the principles I teach have enhanced the lives of millions. For the past 20 plus years, I have personally coached more than 1500 different people to live better lives and be more abundant and successful in their businesses.

A short time ago, I realized that if I am to realize my vision of impacting the lives of at least 20 million adults and 20 million children with the principles I’ve used to support myself and so many others to live their dream lives, I could not do it alone.

So I decided to put together an affordable, life-changing program to support anyone who wants to learn these same foundational principles that impact lives so that you too can become a life-impacting life optimization coach as well.

Life-Optimization Coaches champion people to live their best lives by impacting the 6 Key Life Areas:

Personal & Spiritual Development

Recreation, Passions, & Hobbies (Fun)

The way that Life-Optimization Coaches impact others is by looking with them for areas where their lives are not working optimally while supporting them to put into place whatever may be missing to enhance their personal effectiveness, improve their communication, charisma and relationships, add fulfillment and meaning to life, and allow them to harness the laws of the universe to attract wealth and abundance, happiness, and passion – in other words, to live their Dream Lives!

“Dr. Joe Rubino’s work is critically important in understanding and manifesting personal success, balance and extreme personal growth. Hats off to you, Dr. Joe!”

Ron Tippe
Film Producer, Everyone’s Hero and Shrek
Creativity Empowerment Coach

Successful life optimization coaches:

Listen for what may be missing to accomplish a result or honor a person’s values.

Lead by example and champion others to step into leadership.

Are committed to their client’s excellence and, at the same time, not attached to his or her responses.

Are grounded in value-based personal development principles.

Hold those they coach as totally capable and competent while looking for what might be missing for them to fully experience their magnificence.

Source the person coached to be their best and live with passion while playing full out to accomplish their goals.

Never make the person coached small or dependent.

Champion the person coached to be the best they can be with the goal of ultimate invisibility for themselves as a coach. The coach’s ego must not be a factor in the relationship.

Have permission to tell the truth and not step over uncomfortable topics or situations in order to avoid discomfort or look good.

Create a safe atmosphere that allows for the client to be vulnerable and open to possibilities.

Support their coaching clients in an accountability structure, ensuring that they follow through on what they say they will do.

Support the free flow of ideas and conversations for possibilities through idea streaming.

The principles and exercises we teach change lives. Many decide to take our program just to become more effective with others, lead happier more fulfilling lives, learn the secrets of attracting abundance and living happily while becoming students of the Personal Development Process so that they can impact their own lives and those of their families.

Others derive great satisfaction from being able to impact the lives of others…and be Paid extraordinarily well at the same time.

If you enjoy listening to others and helping them lead more successful, happier, more abundant and fulfilling lives, then becoming a Life-Optimization Coach may be for you!

Life-Optimization Coaches:

Can earn rewarding incomes by working with others to solve life and business challenges, improve relationships, add joy and fulfillment, and enhance personal effectiveness.

Can work from home, set their own hours and fees.

Enjoy ultra-fulfilling work that makes a huge difference in the lives of those they work with.

Enjoy the respect, gratitude and admiration of all those they work with.

Can take pride in shifting the consciousness of our planet by having a direct impact on those they work with.

Will change their own lives as they change the lives of others!

“None of the training courses and seminars which I attended over 40 years in management and executive positions in the Aerospace and Aviation industry provided me with the insight into myself and relations with those other people in my world, professional and personal, that I gained from Dr. Joe Rubino’s program. Without question, it provided the key to the door through which lies the greatest opportunity in my life, that of empowering others with the means to achieve their desires. I cannot stress the value, nor recommend it higher!”

Rawleigh T.
Vero Beach, FL

The Center for Personal Reinvention Certified Life Optimization Coaching Program will teach you what you need to know to become certified as an Instructor to coach others to:

Identify their most important values and realize every aspect of their vision for a dream life.

Learn the secrets to achieving breakthroughs in every area of life.

Be more effective with others, improve relationships, and enhance communication.

Take responsibility for everything that shows up in their lives and learn the secrets to realizing all their goals with velocity.

Develop the skills to impact every area of life with confidence and increased personal power

The Center for Personal Reinvention Certified Life Optimization Coach Program consists of:

27 Audio mp3 recordings to guide you to learn the Success Principles essential for people to live their best lives.

26 written transcripts on these same transformational success principles.

4 video segments on such topics as “Creating a Powerful Life Optimization Plan,” “Creating an Effective Personal Development Structure for Life,” “Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose” and “The Power of Coaching.”

A 50 Question multiple choice test required to achieve certification (optional at no extra cost).

A Certified Life Optimization Coach Certificate – suitable for framing.

Topics include:

• Creating a Detailed Life Optimization Plan

• Creating a Powerful Personal Development Plan

• Discovering and Living Your Life Purpose

• The Essence of Life Optimization Coaching

• The Power of Continuous Learning

• Responsibility
• Embracing Problems

• Creating Powerful Interpretations

• Allowing Difficult People to Be Your Teacher

• Training One’s Thoughts for Maximum Effectiveness

• Life Rules and Values

• Making Requests that Move People into Action

• Communicating Intentionally

• Listening for a Breakthrough

• Honoring Commitments & Having Intended Results

• Listening for Success

• Listening One’s Way to Greatness

• Designing the Future in Choice

• Living from a Declaration of Who One Chooses to Be

• Eliminating Unwanted Conditions

• Realizing the Costs of Decisions

• Deciding to Be Happy

• Living Backwards

• Being Committed More to the Question than to the Answer

• Making the Most of Every Situation

• Conquering Resignation

• The Power of Forgiveness

• Doing Well by Doing Good

• Inner Circle Interview

“A brilliant system for reaching great heights. A road map to the principles of life that spell super-success for anyone who is willing to apply them.”

Bob Burg
Author, Winning Without Intimidation

All Available as downloads for immediate access.

With this program you will Learn the Exact Life-Impacting Technology to:

Eliminate all limiting money beliefs.

End the struggle that characterizes the lives of most people.

Effortlessly acquire the “success distinctions” that will propel anyone forward to experiencing their best life.

Be able to attract loving and meaningful relationships.

Put an end to all suffering and resignation.

Create a life marked by passion and limitless bliss.

Develop a winning mindset that will have the law of attraction work automatically and without fail.

Enhance charisma and attractiveness effortlessly.

Attract wealth and abundance.

Stop procrastinating and expect success in all areas of life.

Design and step into an inspiring vision for every aspect of life.

Experience greater joy, fun, and peace of mind.

Design a detailed life optimization plan.

Craft a life-transforming personal development plan.

Impact every aspect of life.

AND be able to teach these principles to others!

No other program provides for you such a wealth of information to impact lives…

Uncover the secrets to accessing personal power while attracting wealth like a magnet.

Create a structure for maximizing effectiveness with others.

Learn to take total responsibility for everything in life.

Discover the key elements to accomplishment and how to reach goals in record time.

Reveal life rules and discover how honoring core values can help maximize productivity.

Complete the past and design an ideal future.

Discover the keys to communicating effectively and intentionally.

Stop complaining and start doing.

Seize personal power and conquer resignation.

Learn how to generate conversations that uncover new possibilities.

See how embracing problems can lead to positive breakthroughs in life.

Leave others whole while realizing the power of telling the truth.

Learn how to develop the charisma necessary to attract others.

Discover the keys to unlock the door to success and happiness in life.

Learn how listening determines what we attract.

Learn how to shift one’s listening to access personal power.

See how creating a clear intention can cause miracles to show up.

Learn the secrets to making powerful requests to get others to move into action.

Discover how to fully connect with others and champion them to realize their greatness.

Learn to create interpretations that support excellence and to avoid those that lead to self-sabotage.

Develop the power to speak and act from commitments.

See how communication with others can eliminate unwanted conditions from life.

Discover the secret to being happy and to eliminating daily upsets.

Learn how detaching from emotions will support happiness and personal effectiveness.

Learn how to put an end to gossip and to stop giving away personal power.

Develop the ability to lead with direction and purpose, and discover what the costs are not to do so.

“If self-empowerment has been selected by you as your destination, then Dr. Rubino’s work is the perfect roadmap for the journey. There is no reason to just wander anymore. I recommend you follow these teachings faithfully.”

Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA
Director, Progressive Awareness Research, Inc.
Recipient 2005 International Peace Prize

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“Dr. Joe Rubino is one of the most effective life optimization coaches in the entire world. If you have the opportunity to learn from him, I suggest you jump at the chance! The principles he teaches are truly filled with wisdom and life-changing!”

Kristen Howe
Go Big

Q: Who should take the Certified Life Optimization Coach Program?

A. Anyone interested in making their own life or the lives of their families work more optimally or anyone interested in earning a lucrative income as a Certified Life Optimization Coach.

Q. What is the Certification title I will receive?

A. You will be Certified as a Life Optimization Coach by The Center for Personal Reinvention and receive a certificate suitable for framing.

Q. Do I need to get certified if I am only interested in learning these principles for my own edification or for use with my family and friends?

A. No, the certification is optional. Many purchase the program just to learn these life changing principles. There is no additional cost for the certification, if desired.

Q. How long does it take to complete the course?

A. Typically between 2-3 weeks and 1 year maximum.

Q. What will I receive with the course?

A. 4 downloadable videos, 27 downloadable audios, 26 transcripts, a 50 question certification multiple choice test, a certificate certifying you by The Center for Personal Reinvention as a Certified Life Optimization Coach.

Q. What do I need to do to become certified?

A. Take a 50 question multiple choice test and submit it with a passing grade of 70% to become certified.

Q. What happens if I fail the test?

Q. How long does it take to receive my certification once my test is submitted?

A. Usually less than 2 weeks.

Q. How will I receive my certification?

A. The certificate will be sent via email ready to be printed and framed if desired.

Q. Is the certification accepted everywhere in the world?

A. Yes, to the best of our knowledge.

Q. Who issues the certification?

A. The Center for Personal Reinvention

Q. Will I need any additional training to practice as a Certified Life-Optimization coach?

Q. Are there any licensing requirements for Life-Optimization Coaches?

Q. Will you help me get clients in any way?

Q. What fees can I charge my clients as a Certified Coach?

Q. If I need assistance in coaching any client, can I get help?

Q. Is this program similar to Dr. Rubino’s Self-Esteem Certification Programs for Children or Adults?

A. No, this program contains totally different material, topics, lessons, and exercises.

“Dr. Joe Rubino has been my weekly coach for the past 12 years. The principles that Dr. Joe teaches in his Life Optimization Coaching Certification program are based upon sound, ethical principles, and warm, rewarding relationships. They have largely been responsible for changing my life for the better, helping me develop into a much more effective leader, supporting my success in creating and running several multi-million dollar businesses, and living the life of my dreams. Over thelast 12 years, I’ve paid thousands and thousands of dollars to learn these life-altering principles and they were worth every cent. I can’t recommend this program strongly enough.”

James Blakemore
Founder & CEO, Equanicity Resources, LLC
Founder & CEO, Bedford Falls Development, Inc.
Co-owner, Primavera Resources, Inc.
Co-founder, IMI Inc.

To Your Great Success,

Dr. Joe Rubino

P.S. – Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for programs that do not come close to teaching the level of life-impacting principles as this one? You owe it to yourself to learn the tools that will forever change your life and the lives of others!

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Click here to get Best Certified Life Coaching Program, Life Coach Certification Online – at discounted price while it’s still available…

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Best Certified Life Coaching Program, Life Coach Certification Online – is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.