Most people are aware that their daily activities contribute to environmental pollution in some way.

We breathe in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide (CO2), and CO2 emissions from factories, automobiles, and mining operations are just a few examples.

CO2 gases become trapped in the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in toxic air that has nowhere to escape.
Our carbon footprint is the environmental impact that everyone of us has.

Many factors influence our own carbon footprint, including where we live, the size of our home, the age of our appliances, what we drive, and how much air travel we take.

While there is no way to eradicate our carbon footprint to delay climate change, there are things we can do to lessen the size of our “shoe.”

To lessen our carbon footprint, we must first determine our size. Carbon calculators ( are simple to use and will immediately show you how big your carbon footprint is.

Knowing our personal effect allows us to focus on lowering it. Many groups, including Conservation International,, and Carbon, are constantly working to offset and mitigate the effects of CO2 emissions, such as wind power, reforestation projects, and solar power projects.

Working together to lower our individual carbon footprints can only be beneficial to our world and the future of generations to come.