A Flurry of Snowy-White Blossoms in Springtime Overlapping blooms from pure-white, petal-like bracts mimic fluffy clouds in the sky overhead on a stunning spring day. Cloud 9 Dogwood (Cornus florida ‘Cloud 9’) genuinely puts on a clearly show that is confident to switch your garden into the envy of your neighbors. Plant this tree in which it will be a genuine focal issue in your landscape as a flowering tree that indicators spring has arrived! Multiple Landscape Rewards 1. Colorful flowers and foliage. The “genuine” bouquets are held in the middle of the greater and showier bracts, which deliver the white color you see in spring. But autumn also holds a shade surprise ‘– scarlet-crimson slide foliage and cherry-red berries. 2. Garden-proportionate. Some trees overpower compact lawns, but Cloud 9 Dogwood is properly proportionate as a lawn tree that reaches a maximum height of 15 ft. 3. Chook- and butterfly-friendly. Butterflies are lured by the spring bouquets, and birds eat the berries developed in autumn that persist all over the wintertime. Landscape Design and style Possibilities You can improve Cloud 9 Dogwood as a perennial if you dwell in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 5 by way of 9. It is a native plant, which suggests it is adaptable to a large assortment of indigenous soils and climates. As an understory tree, Cloud 9 Dogwood is at household in a combined-planting of taller trees exactly where it receives filtered sunlight as a result of the branches overhead. If you have a woodland garden, line its pathways with Cloud 9 Dogwood trees for a outstanding spring walk! Simple-Care Checklist Abide by these ideas to maximize your tree’s advancement and performance: • Solar. Four several hours of sunlight each and every working day, if possible in the early morning, is exceptional. • Soil. Slightly acidic soil, with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 supports optimum expansion. But the soil must drain nicely, for the reason that the roots can rot in soggy soil and trees will die. • Water. New trees need to have abundant h2o to ease transplant shock and keep the roots hydrated. Set up trees depend on pure rainfall except drought or excessively very hot summers call for supplemental watering. • Mulch. Unfold 2 to 3 inches of mulch all around trees to the drip line to assist keep the soil moist. Pull mulch 6 inches absent from the trunk. • Fertilizer. Choose a soil sample to your local Extension Services for fertilizer tips. • Pruning. Nicely-branched and sturdy, Cloud 9 Dogwood trees will not ordinarily will need pruning unless it really is to take out damaged branches.

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