When it’s time to make a change in your home and you care about the environment, you’ll want to look for eco-friendly stylish design ideas. Fortunately, many decorating firms appreciate your wish to save the environment. They not only produce products from recycled materials, but they also sell sustainable goods. The following suggestions can help you make your home both environmentally friendly and beautiful.

1. Regardless of which area in your home you are redesigning, you will most likely want a luxurious rug to bury your toes into. Eco-friendly rug producers create hypoallergenic carpets using environmentally sustainable materials. Select rugs that do not contain formaldehyde or other pollutants. Your family and the environment will appreciate it.

2. Repurpose and re-use stuff you already own. If you’re looking for a means to split the living space in a large room, a screen divider is the ideal answer. Construct a screen divider from one or more screen doors. Cover each door with a cloth panel and hinge them together. The wonderful thing about this concept is that you repurposed something you already have on hand, and you can change out the fabric as the seasons change.

3. Eco-friendly decorating also includes the use of natural materials. If you must buy new furniture, look for one that is unfinished. This will protect dangerous stains from entering your home. Instead, use mineral oil to maintain the wood and give it a warm glow.

4. Another alternative for “new” furniture is to visit Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other consignment stores. Quite often, you might find exactly what you’re seeking for at a lower cost. This keeps stuff out of overflowing landfills and extra money in your wallet.

5. Bring nature into your home. You may make your home more “green” by placing living plants around it. You can also incorporate natural elements. Put pine cones, dried seedpods, or fruit in a large glass vase, for example. Fruit bowls can also be placed on tables. Allow your family to eat the fruit to prevent it from deteriorating; you can always replace it later.

6. Incorporate a water element into your property. This can be accomplished with a water fountain or by placing colorful jars on a windowsill that receives plenty of sunshine during the day. The water will absorb heat from the sun and then release it at night to warm the space.

7. Instead of purchasing plastic containers, use natural materials such as wicker baskets or wooden crates to contain stuff. This will provide you with the storage you require while also allowing you to continue with your eco-friendly stylish décor.

Consider how you want your home to look and then hunt for eco-friendly alternatives. By implementing these suggestions and considering other methods to make your home “green,” you will be helping the earth.